J.H. Robinson

Dr. John Hovey Robinson was born in Sebec, Maine. He was an author, poet, and physician. He also wrote many short stories and was one of the best paid of contemporary writers.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Boston Conspiracy; or, The Royal Police  1847
 2) Catholina; or, The Niche in the Wall (Also published as: The Uncle's Crime; or, The Doctor's Beautiful Ward [1870])  1862
 3) Cepherine; or, The Secret Cabal (Also published as: The Fair Schemer; or, The Dread Secret [1871])  1863
 4) Nightshade; or, The Masked Robber of Hounslow Heath (Also published as: The Flying Horseman; or, The Robber Prince of Hounslow Heath [1870])  1863
 5) Sibylla Joy; or, The Mystery of the Brownstone House (Also published as: The Adopted Daughter; or, The Half Brother's Snare [1870])  1865
 6) The House of Silence  1890