Frank Ross
Pseudonym: David Fraser (Colin Northway only) and Blair Stuart (Michael Ewing only)

Joint pseudonym of Colin Northway and Michael Ewing. Colin Northway was born in Staffordshire. He was a Fleet Street editor. He also wrote under the pseudonym 'David Fraser'. Michael Ewing was born in Norfolk. He was a newspaper journalist, war correspondent and novelist. He also wrote under the pseudonym 'Blair Stuart'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Dead Runner  1977
 2) Sleeping Dogs  1978
 3) The Sixty-Fifth Tape  1979
 4) Goldship  1981
 5) The Shining Day  1981
 6) A Conspiracy of Angels  1987
As 'David Fraser' (Colin Northway only)
 1) Blitz  1979
As 'Blair Stuart' (Michael Ewing only)
 1) Bloodwealth  1980