R.R. Ryan
Pseudonyms: Cameron Carr, Noel Despard and John Galton

Pseudonym of Evelyn Grosvenor Bradley. He was born at Waterloo, a suburb of Liverpool. In the 1920s he lived in Hove, Sussex where he ran a theatre. He wrote, produced and acted in his own plays. At age 67 he committed suicide. Bradley also wrote under the pseudonyms 'Cameron Carr', 'Noel Despard', and 'John Galton'. His daughter, Denice Jeanette Bradley-Ryan, wrote four thrillers in the 1940s under the name 'Kay Seaton'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Right to Kill  1936
 2) Death of a Sadist  1937
 3) Devil's Shelter  1937
 4) The Subjugated Beast  1938
 5) Freak Museum  1938
 6) Echo of a Curse  1939
 7) No Escape  1940
As 'Cameron Carr'
 1) A New Face at the Door  1937
 2) Gilded Clay  1938
 3) The Other  1938
As 'Noel Despard'
 1) The Tyranny of Virtue  1925
As 'John Galton'
 1) The Stars I Kneel To  1939