Douglas Sanderson
Pseudonyms: Martin Brett and Malcolm Douglas

Ronald Douglas Sanderson was born in Kent, England. In 1947, he emigrated to Canada. In 1952, he became a Canadian citizen. He died in Alicante, Spain, where he had lived for many decades. He is the creator of 'Mike Garfin', a private eye in Montreal, Canada (under the pseudonym 'Martin Brett').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Mike Garfin' Novels (as 'Martin Brett')
 1) Hot Freeze  1954
 2) The Darker Traffic (Also published as: Blondes Are My Trouble [1955])  1954
 3) A Dum-Dum for the President  1961
 Other Novels
 1) Dark Passions Subdue  1952
 2) The Final Run (Also published as: Flee from Terror [1957; as by Martin Brett])  1956
 3) Cry Wolfram (US Title: Mark It for Murder [1959])  1959
 4) Catch a Fallen Starlet  1960
 5) Lam to Slaughter  1964
 6) Black Reprieve  1965
 7) No Charge for Framing  1969
 8) A Dead Bullfighter  1975
 As 'Martin Brett'
 1) Exit in Green (UK Title: Murder Came Tumbling [1959])  1953
 As 'Malcolm Douglas'
 1) Prey by Night  1955
 2) Rain of Terror  1955
 3) The Deadly Dames  1956
 4) Pure Sweet Hell  1957
 5) Murder Comes Calling (Also published as: Night of the Horns [1958; as by Douglas Sanderson])  1958