Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow lives in Norwich with his partner Debbie and his son Jacob. He spent the first ten years out of college in the music business and the next twelve years in the computer games business as a graphic artist and eventually a games designer. He also writes novels for young adults. He is the creator of 'Bill Boyd', a Detective Chief Inspector with the East Sussex CID. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Bill Boyd' Novels
 1) Silent Tide  2021
 2) Old Bones New Bones  2021
 3) A Burning Truth  2021
 4) The Last Train  Due October 2021
Other Novels
 1) A Thousand Suns  2006
 2) Last Light  2007
 3) October Skies  2008
 4) Afterlight  2010
 5) The Candle Man  2012