Kate Sharam (Kate Furnivall)

Kate Furnivall Sharam was born and brought up in Penarth, Wales. She studied at London University before pursuing a career in advertising. She lives in Devon with her husband Norman Sharam who writes under the pseudonym 'Neville Steed'. Visit also this site (which does not mention the novels written as Kate Sharam).


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Power Cut  1995
 2) Under the Skin  1996
 3) Dangerous Relations  1997
 4) A Hard Place  1997
 5) Rough Exposure  1998
 As 'Kate Furnivall'
 1) Shadows on the Nile  2012
 2) The Far Side of the Sun  2013
 3) The Italian Wife  2014
 4) The Liberation  2016
 5) The Betrayal  2017
 6) The Survivors  2018
 7) The Guardian of Lies  2019