Bart Spicer
Pseudonym: Jay Barbette

Albert Samuel Spicer was born in Richmond, Viriginia. He was an author and radio journalist. In 1964, he legally changed his name to Bart Spicer. He is the creator of:
1. 'Harry Butten', a newspaper editor (with his wife Betty Coe Spicer under the joint pseudonym 'Jay Barbette').
1. 'Benson Kellogg', a lawyer who inherits a town in New Mexico.
2. 'Peregrine White', a retired spy and war-wounded Colonel.
3. 'Carney Wilde', a private investigator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Harry Butten' Novels (as Jay Barbette with Betty Coe Spicer)
 1) Final Copy  1950
 2) Dear, Dead Days (Also published as: Death's Long Shadow [1955])  1953
 3) The Deadly Doll  1958
 4) Look Behind You  1960
 'Benson Kellogg' Novels
 1) Act of Anger  1962
 2) Kellogg Junction  1969
 'Peregrine White' Novels
 1) The Day of the Dead  1955
 2) The Burned Man  1966
 'Carney Wilde' Novels
 1) The Dark Light  1949
 2) Blues for the Prince  1950
 3) Black Sheep, Run  1951
 4) The Golden Door  1951
 5) The Long Green (UK Title: Shadow of Fear [1953])  1952
 6) The Taming of Carney Wilde  1954
 7) Exit, Running  1959
 Other Novels
 1) The Adversary  1974