Viveca Sten

Viveca Sten was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is an author and lawyer. She lives near Stockholm with her family. She is the creator of the 'Sandhamn Murders' series featuring Thomas Andreasson, a police detective on Sandhamn Island. The books were made into a television series starring Jakob Cedergren and Alexandra Rapaport. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

Jakob Cedergren and Alexandra Rapaport
in the Television Series The Sandhamn Murders

 1) Still Waters  2015 (Sweden 2008)
 2) Closed Circles  2016 (Sweden 2009)
 3) Guiltless  2017 (Sweden 2010)
 4) Tonight You're Dead  2017 (Sweden 2011)
 5) In the Heat of the Moment  2018 (Sweden 2012)
 6) In Harm's Way  2018 (Sweden 2013)
 7) In the Shadow of Power  2019 (Sweden 2014)
 8) In the Name of Truth  2020 (Sweden 2015)
 9) In Bad Company  2021 (Sweden 2018)