Mrs. M.V. Victor
Pseudonym: Seeley Regester

Metta Victoria Fuller Victor was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. She married editor and publishing pioneer Orville James Victor in 1856. She was an author and editor. She also wrote poetry, romances, short stories, social issue novels, and cookbooks using several pseudonyms.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Who Was He?  1866
 2) Dora Elmyr's Worst Enemy; or, Guilty or Not Guilty (Also published as: Guilty or Not Guilty; or, Dora Elmyr's Worst Enemy [1890])  1878
 3) The Brown Princess  1888
 4) The Phantom Wife  1888
 5) Born to Betray; or, A Game Well Played  1890
 6) The Gay Captain  1891
 7) Who Owned the Jewels? Or, The Heiress of the Sandalwood Chest  1891
 As 'Seeley Regester'
 1) The Dead Letter  1866
 2) The Figure Eight; or, The Mystery of Meredith Place  1869