John Wyllie

John Vectis Carew Wyllie was born in Guna, India to British parents. He later moved to Canada and became a Canadian citizen. He was an author and scriptwriter. He died in Worthing, England. He is the creator of 'Dr. Samuel Quarshie', a physician and amateur sleuth in the fictional West African country of Akhana.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Dr. Samuel Quarshie' Novels
 1) Skull Still Bone  1975
 2) The Butterfly Flood  1975
 3) To Catch a Viper  1977
 4) Death Is a Drum ... Beating Forever  1977
 5) A Pocket Full of Dead  1978
 6) The Killer Breath  1979
 7) A Tiger in Red Weather  1980
 8) The Long Dark Night of Baron Samedi  1981
 Other Novels
 1) Johnny Purple  1958