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Arthur Morrison

Arthur Morrison was born in London. As a youth he became a clerk, then a journalist. Not much of his life is known. In later life he became interested in Japanese prints and began to deal in them professionally. He did well and died a rich man.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Martin Hewitt, Investigator (short stories)  1894
 2) Tales of Mean Streets (short stories)  1894
 3) Chronicles of Martin Hewitt (short stories)  1895
 4) Adventures of Martin Hewitt (short stories)  1896
 5) The Dorrington Deed-Box (short stories)  1897
 6) The Hole in the Wall  1902
 7) The Red Triangle (short stories)  1903
 8) The Green Eye of Goona (US Title: The Green Diamond [1904]) (short stories)  1904
 9) Divers Vanities (short stories)  1905
10) Green Ginger (short stories)  1909
11) Fiddle O'Dreams and More (short stories)  1933
12) The Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories (short stories)  1976

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