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Arthur Morrison

Contents of the Short Story Collections:
Martin Hewitt, Investigator (1894)
*The Affair of the Tortoise
*The Case of Mr. Foggatt
*The Case of the Dixon Torpedo
*The Lenton Croft Robberies
*The Loss of Sammy Throckett
*The Quinton Jewel Affair
*The Stanway Cameo Mystery
Tales of Mean Streets (1894)
*"All That Messuage"
*Behind the Shade
*A Conversion
*In Business
*On the Stairs
*A Poor Stick
*The Red Cow Group
*Squire Napper
*That Brute Simmons
*Three Rounds
*To Bow Bridge
*Without Visible Means
Chronicles of Martin Hewitt (1895)
*The Case of Laker, Absconded
*The Case of the Lost Foreigner
*The Case of the Missing Hand
*The Holford Will Case
*The Ivy Cottage Mystery
*The Nicobar Bullion Case
Adventures of Martin Hewitt (1890)
*The Affair of Mrs. Seton's Child
*The Case of Mr. Geldard's Elopement
*The Case of the Dead Skipper
*The Case of the "Flitterbat Lancers"
*The Case of the Late Mr. Rewse
*The Case of the Ward Lane Tabernacle
The Dorrington Deed-Box (1897)
*The Affair of "The Avalanche Bicycle and
  Tyre Co., Limited"
*The Case of Janissary
*The Case of Mr. Loftus Deacon
*The Case of the "Mirror of Portugal"
*The Narrative of Mr. James Rigby
*Old Cater's Money
The Red Triangle (1903)
*The Adventure of Channel Marsh
*The Affair of Samuel's Diamonds
*The Case of Mr. Jacob Mason
*The Case of the Admiralty Code
*The Case of the Burnt Barn
*The Case of the Lever Key
The Green Eye of Goona (1904)
*A Box of Oddments
*The First Magnum
*The Green Eye
*Mr. Clifton's Magnum
*Mr. Norie's Magnum
*Mr. Pooley's Magnum
*Mr. Smith's Magnum
*The Steward's Magnum - and Others
Divers Vanities (1905)
*The Black Badger
*A Blot on St. Basil
*Chance of the Game
*Charlwood with a Number
*A "Dead 'Un"
*The Disorder of the Bath
*His Tale of Bricks
*Ingrates at Bagshaw's
*The Legend of Lapwater Hall
*Lost Tommy Jepps
*One More Unfortunate
*A Poor Bargain
*Rhymer the Second
*Spotto's Reclamation
*Statement of Edward Chaloner
*Teacher and Taught
*The Torn Heart
Green Ginger (1909)
*The Absent Three
*Arts and Crafts
*Captain Jollyfax's Gun
*The Chamber of Light
*The Copper Charm
*Dobb's Parrot
*The Drinkwater Romance
*The House of Haddock
*A Lucifo Match
*Mr. Bostock's Backsliding
*The Rodd Street Revolution
*The Seller of Hate
*A Skinful of Trouble
*Snorkey Timms, His Mark
*The Stolen Blenkinson
*Wick's Waterloo
Fiddle O'Dreams and More (1933)
*Billy Blenkin's Radium
*Brothers at Bay
*The East a'Calling
*Fiddle o'Dreams
*The Four-Want Way
*Frenzied Finance
*Infantry at the Double
*Lies Unregistered
*Mr. Walker's Aeroplane
*A Professional Episode
*A Return to the Fancy
*Sports of Mugby
*The Thing in the Upper Room
The Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories (1976)
*The Case of Mr. Geldard's Elopement
*The Case of the Dixon Torpedo
*The Case of the "Flitterbat Lancers"
*The Case of the Missing Hand
*The Case of the Ward Lane Tabernacle
*The Halford Will Case
*The Lenton Croft Robberies
*The Nicobar Bullion Case
*The Stanway Cameo Mystery

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