Geoffrey Jenkins

Geoffrey Jenkins was born in Pretoria, South Africa. During the Second World War he was a war correspondent for the Sunday Times. In that time he became friends with Ian Fleming. After the war he returned to Africa and settled in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. He married Eve Palmer, also an author. Jenkins had a senior position with The Star in Johannesburg. After three novels, all best-sellers, he resigned.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) A Twist of Sand  1959
 2) The Watering Place of Good Peace  1960
 3) A Grue of Ice (Also published as: The Disappearing Island [1964])  1962
 4) The River of Diamonds  1964
 5) Hunter-Killer  1966
 6) Scend of the Sea (US Title: The Hollow Sea [1972])  1971
 7) A Cleft of Stars  1973
 8) A Bridge of Magpies  1974
 9) Southtrap  1979
10) A Ravel of Waters  1981
11) The Unripe Gold  1983
12) Fireprint  1984
13) In Harm's Way  1986
14) Hold Down a Shadow  1990
15) A Hive of Dead Men  1993
16) A Daystar of Fear  1994