Ian Fleming

Ian Lancaster Fleming was born in London. He became a journalist and then a stockbroker. When war broke out he got himself a job in Naval Intelligence, where he rose to the rank of commander. After the war, he returned to journalism as foreign manager for Kemsley Newspapers, owners of the Sunday Times. He married Lady Anne Rothermere in 1952. In 1953, his first novel was published introducing the most popular spy ever 'James Bond'. See also Raymond Benson and John Gardner.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Casino Royale (US Title: You Asked for It [1955])  1953
 2) Live and Let Die  1954
 3) Moonraker (US Title: Too Hot to Handle [1957])  1955
 4) Diamonds Are Forever  1956
 5) From Russia with Love  1957
 6) Dr No  1958
 7) Goldfinger  1959
 8) For Your Eyes Only  1960
 9) Thunderball  1961
10) The Spy Who Loved Me  1962
11) On Her Majesty's Secret Service  1963
12) You Only Live Twice  1964
13) The Man with the Golden Gun  1965
14) Octopussy and the Living Daylights  1966