Steven M. Krauzer
Pseudonyms: Adam Lassiter and Don Pendleton (house name)

Steven Mark Krauzer was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was an author, screenwriter, and teacher. He also wrote western novels. He is the creator of 'Dennison', the leader of a team which fights against crime (under the pseudonym 'Adam Lassiter'). He also wrote several 'Mack Bolan' (The Executioner) novels under the house name 'Don Pendleton'. The character was created by Donald Eugene Pendleton.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Mack Bolan' Novels (as 'Don Pendleton')
 1) Double Crossfire  1982
 2) Terrorist Summit  1982
 3) Renegade Agent  1982
 4) Brothers in Blood  1983
 'Dennison' Novels (as 'Adam Lassiter')
 1) Dennison's War  1984
 2) Conte's Run  1985
 3) Hell on Wheels  1985
 4) King of the Mountain  1985
 5) Triangle  1985
 6) Snowball in Hell  1986
 Other Novels
 1) Framework  1989
 2) Brainstorm  1991
 3) Rojak's Rule  1992
 4) God's Country  1993
 5) Winter of the Wolf  1994