Adrian Wills (A.J. Wills)

Adrian Wills was born in Plymouth, Devon. He lives in Kent with his wife Amanda (who writes thrillers under the pseudonym A.J. McDine) and their two sons. He is an author and journalist. He is the creator of 'Tom Blake', a black ops veteran. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Tom Blake' Novels
 1) Deep Sleepers  2013
 2) The Armageddon Virus  2015
 3) The Viper's Strike  2016
 4) As Good As Dead (e-novella)  2017
 5) Conspiracy  2019
 Other Novels (as 'A.J. Wills')
 1) Between the Lies  2018
 2) His Wife's Sister  2020
 3) She Knows  2021