Maxwell Grant

Pseudonym of Walter Brown Gibson. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was educated at the Peddie Institute and Colegate University in New York. Gibson was a prolific writer. He wrote books on card games, hypnotism, judo and ju-jitsu. As a freelance author he tried to sell some stories to Frank Blackwell, editor of Detective Story. This magazine featured the 'Shadow', a crime fighter. Blackwell asked Gibson to produce the first 'Shadow' novel. At this time, Gibson was editing a magic magazine called The Seven Circles and editing and contributing material to True Strange Stories. He accepted Blackwell's request and so the Shadow magazine was born in 1930. Gibson was contracted to write 24 'Shadow' novels a year. After the war the Shadow was combined with Mystery Magazine. Gibson decided to pursue other projects. For the next few years he wrote magic books, children's novels and short mystery stories. In 1948, the Shadow returned to its earlier format and Gibson started writing 'Shadow' stories again. After eighteen years and 325 issues the Shadow magazine ceased publication in 1949. In 1963, the New York-based paperback publisher, Belmont Books, decided to bring the character back and Gibson wrote another 'Shadow' novel. Another 8 'Shadow' novels were written by Dennis Lynds (who wrote detective novels himself) adopting the 'Maxwell Grant' alias. Many 'Shadow' novels were reprinted.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Living Shadow  1934
 2) The Eyes of the Shadow  1935
 3) The Shadow Laughs  1935
 4) The Shadow and the Living Death  1940
 5) The Shadow and the Master of Evil  1940
 6) The Shadow and the Ghost Makers  1941
 7) Return of the Shadow  1963
 8) The Shadow Strikes (By Dennis Lynds)  1964
 9) Shadow Beware (By Dennis Lynds)  1965
10) Cry Shadow! (By Dennis Lynds)  1965
11) The Shadow's Revenge (By Dennis Lynds)  1965
12) Mark of the Shadow (By Dennis Lynds)  1966
13) Shadow Go Mad! (By Dennis Lynds)  1966
14) Night of the Shadow (By Dennis Lynds)  1966
15) The Weird Adventures of the Shadow (Includes 'Grove of Doom', 'Voodoo Death', and 'Murder by Moonlight')  1966
16) Destination Moon (By Dennis Lynds)  1967
17) The Death Tower  1969
18) Grove of Doom  1969
19) The Ghost Makers  1970
20) Gangdom's Doom  1970
21) Hidden Death  1970
22) The Black Master  1974
23) Mobsmen on the Spot  1974
24) Hands in the Dark  1975
25) Double Z  1975
26) The Crime Cult  1975
27) The Red Menace  1975
28) Mox  1975
29) The Romanoff Jewels  1975
30) The Silent Seven  1975
31) Two Adventures of the Shadow (Includes 'The Crime Oracle' and 'The Teeth of the Dragon')  1975
32) The Mask of Mephisto and Murder by Magic (As 'Walter B. Gibson')  1975
33) Kings of Crime  1976
34) Shadowed Millions  1976
35) Green Eyes  1977
36) The Creeping Death  1977
37) Gray First  1977
38) The Shadow's Shadow  1977
39) Fingers of Death  1977
40) Murder Trail  1977
41) Zemba  1977
42) Charg, Monster  1977
43) A Quarter of Eight and The Freak Show Murders (As 'Walter B. Gibson')  1978
44) The Wealth Seeker  1978
45) The Death Giver  1978
46) The Mother Goose Murders and Crime over Casco (As 'Walter B. Gibson')  1979
47) Jade Dragon and House of Ghosts (As 'Walter B. Gibson')  1981
48) The Shadow and the Golden Master (As 'Walter B. Gibson')  1984