Patrick Andrews
Pseudonyms: Cliff Garnett (house name) and John Lansing (house name)

Patrick E. Andrews was born in Oklahoma. He currently lives in Colorado with his wife. He is an author and ex-paratrooper having served in the 82nd Airborne Division in the active army and the 12th Special Forces Group in the army reserves. After leaving the army, he started to write. He also writes western novels. His novels feature:
1. 'Dan Track', an American military intelligence agent (a character created by Jerry Ahern).
2. 'The Black Eagles', a CIA backed commando unit during the Vietnam War (a series created by William Fieldhouse, under the house name 'John Lansing').
3. 'The Unit', a top secret military unit (novelization of the television series).


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Dan Track' Novels
 1) The Ghost Dancers  1986
 2) Drug Runner  1986
 3) Amazon Gold  1986
 'The Black Eagles' Novels (as John Lansing)
 1) Mekong Massacre  1983
 2) Nightmare in Laos  1984
 3) Pungi Patrol  1984
 4) Saigon Slaughter  1984
 5) Beyond the DMZ  1985
 6) Boocoo Death  1985
 7) Bad Scene at Bong Son  1986
 8) Cambodia Kill-Zone  1986
 9) Duel on the Song Cai  1987
10) Lord of Laos  1987
11) Encore at Dien Bien Phu  1987
12) Firestorm at Dong Nam  1988
13) Ho's Hellhounds  1988
14) Monsoon Hellhole  1988
15) Mau Len Death Zone  1988
16) Durong Warriors  1989
17) Hoa Tien Killers  1989
18) Bo-Binh Commandos  1990
19) Nguy-Hiem War Zone  1990
 'The Unit' Novels
 1) The Unit: Seek and Destroy  2008
 2) The Unit: Lock and Load  2009
 Other Novels
 1) Talon Force: Sky Fire (as Cliff Garnett)  2000
 2) Death Begins (with Rosemary Dew) (e-book)  2010