James Reasoner
Pseudonym: Gabriel Hunt (house name)

James M. Reasoner was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He is married to writer Livia J. Washburn. He also writes western and civil war novels using many different pseudonyms. He wrote a series of novels featuring 'Walker, Texas Ranger', based on the television series starring Chuck Norris.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Walker, Texas Ranger' Novels
 1) Walker, Texas Ranger  1999
 2) Hell's Half Acre  1999
 3) Siege on the Belle  1999
Other Novels
 1) Texas Wind  1980
 2) Tie a Black Ribbon (with Livia J. Washburn)  2000
 3) Dust Devils  2007
 4) Old Times' Sake (short stories)  2007
As 'Gabriel Hunt'
 1) Hunt at the Well of Eternity  2014