Robert Ludlum
Pseudonyms: Michael Shepherd and Jonathan Ryder

Robert Ludlum was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. At the age of 14, he left home to go on to the stage. His parents fetched him back and sent him to school. In the war, he enlisted with the marines and was sent to the South Pacific. After the war, he went to study at the Wesleyan University where he met his future wife, Mary Ryducha. They were married just before he graduated in 1951. Over the next few years, they acted together on and off Broadway, and on New York television. In 1956, he gave up acting and turned to producing. He produced plays at a theatre in Fort Lee, New Jersey from 1957 to 1960, and over the next nine years was in charge of the Playhouse-on-the-Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. In spite of his success as an actor and producer, Ludlum was not content. He turned to writing. His first book was a great success, followed by many more.
He also wrote three novels under the pseudonyms 'Michael Shepherd' and 'Jonathan Ryder'. They were later reissued under his own name. He is the creator of 'Jason Bourne', a member of a top secret Special Forces unit. See also Eric Van Lustbader and Brian Freeman.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Jason Bourne' Novels
 1) The Bourne Identity  1980
 2) The Bourne Supremacy  1986
 3) The Bourne Ultimatum  1990
Other Novels
 1) The Scarlatti Inheritance  1971
 2) The Osterman Weekend  1972
 3) The Matlock Paper  1973
 4) The Rhinemann Exchange  1974
 5) The Gemini Contenders  1976
 6) The Chancellor Manuscript  1977
 7) The Holcroft Covenant  1978
 8) The Matarese Circle  1979
 9) The Parsifal Mosaic  1982
10) The Aquitaine Progression  1984
11) The Icarus Agenda  1988
12) The Road to Omaha  1992
13) The Scorpio Illusion  1993
14) The Apocalypse Watch  1995
15) The Matarese Countdown  1997
16) The Hades Factor (with Gayle Lynds)  2000
17) The Prometheus Deception  2001
18) The Sigma Protocol  2001
19) The Cassandra Compact (with Philip Shelby)  2001
20) The Paris Option (with Gayle Lynds)  2002
21) The Janson Directive  2002
22) The Altman Code (with Gayle Lynds)  2003
23) The Tristan Betrayal  2003
24) The Ambler Warning  2005
25) The Bancroft Strategy  2006
Novel as 'Michael Shepherd'
 1) The Road to Gandolfo  1975
Novels as 'Jonathan Ryder'
 1) Trevayne  1973
 2) The Cry of the Halidon  1974