Mike Lupica

Mike Lupica was born in Oneida, New York. He is an author and former newspaper columnist. He also writes books about sport and children's books. He continues the 'Sunny Randall' and the 'Jesse Stone' series created by Robert B. Parker. He is the creator of:
1. 'Peter Finley', an investigative journalist for a New York cable TV station.
2. 'Jack Molloy', a professional football player and co-owner of the New York Hawks.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Peter Finley' Novels
 1) Dead Air  1986
 2) Extra Credits  1988
 3) Limited Partner  1990
'Jack Molloy' Novels
 1) Bump & Run  2000
 2) Red Zone  2003
'Sunny Randall' Novels
 1) Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud  2018
 2) Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match  2020
 3) Robert B. Parker's Payback  2021
'Jesse Stone' Novels
 1) Robert B. Parker's Fool's Paradise  2020
 2) Robert B. Parker's Stone's Throw  Due September 2021