Carlene O'Connor

Pseudonym of Mary Carter. She lives in Manhattan, New York. She is an author and workshop leader at The Chicago Writer's Loft. She also writes in other genres under her own name. She is the creator of:
1. 'Home to Ireland Mystery' series featuring Tara Meehan, an American interior designer and amateur sleuth in Galway, Ireland.
2. 'Irish Village Mystery' series featuring Siobhán O'Sullivan, a Garda in County Cork, Ireland.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Home to Ireland Mystery' Novels
 1) Murder in Galway  2019
 2) Murder in Connemara  2021
'Irish Village Mystery' Novels
 1) Murder in an Irish Village  2016
 2) Murder at an Irish Wedding  2017
 3) Murder in an Irish Churchyard  2018
 4) Murder in an Irish Pub  2019
 5) Murder in an Irish Cottage  2020
 6) Murder at an Irish Christmas  2020
 7) Murder in an Irish Bookshop  2021
 8) Murder on an Irish Farm  2022
 9) Murder at an Irish Bakery  Due February 2023
Other Novels
 1) Christmas Cocoa Murder (with Alex Erickson and Maddie Day)  2019
 2) Christmas Cocoa Murder (e-novella; first appeared in Christmas Cocoa Murder [2019])  2022
 3) Christmas Scarf Murder (with Maddie Day and Peggy Ehrhart)  2022
 4) No Strangers Here  2022