Edith Maxwell
Pseudonyms: Tace Baker and Maddie Day

Edith Maxwell was born in Pasadena, California. She currently lives in Massachusetts. She is an author and a former farmer of a certified organic farm, holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics, and is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. She is the creator of:
1. 'Cecelia "Cece" Barton', manager of a wine bar and amateur sleuth in Colinas, California (under the pseudonym 'Maddie Day').
2. 'Country Store Mystery' series featuring Robbie Jordan, owner of Pans ‘n Pancakes (under the pseudonym 'Maddie Day').
3. 'Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery' series featuring Mackenzie "Mac" Almeida, a bicycle shop owner in Westham, Massachusetts (under the pseudonym 'Maddie Day').
4. 'Lauren Rousseau', a linguistics professor (under the pseudonym 'Tace Baker').
5. 'Local Foods Mystery' series featuring Cameron Flaherty, an organic farmer in Westbury, Massachusetts.
6. 'Quaker Midwife Mystery' series featuring Rose Carroll, a quaker midwife in late 19th century Massachusetts.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Cecelia "Cece" Barton' Novels (as 'Maddie Day')
 1) Murder Uncorked  2023
 'Country Store Mystery' Novels (as 'Maddie Day')
 1) Flipped for Murder  2015
 2) Grilled For Murder  2016
 3) When the Grits Hit the Fan  2017
 4) Biscuits and Slashed Browns  2018
 5) Death Over Easy  2018
 6) Strangled Eggs and Ham  2019
 7) Nacho Average Murder  2020
 8) Candy Slain Murder  2020
 9) No Grater Crime  2021
10) Batter Off Dead  2022
11) Four Leaf Cleaver  2023
12) Deep Fried Death  2023
 'Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery' Novels (as 'Maddie Day')
 1) Murder on Cape Cod  2019
 2) Murder at the Taffy Shop  2021
 3) Murder at the Lobstah Shack  2021
 4) Murder in a Cape Cottage  2022
 5) Murder at a Cape Bookstore  2023
 6) Murder at the Rusty Anchor  Due June 2024
 'Lauren Rousseau' Novels (as 'Tace Baker')
 1) Speaking of Murder  2012
 2) Bluffing Is Murder (Also published as: Murder on the Bluffs [2020; as by Edith Maxwell])  2014
 'Local Foods Mystery' Novels
 1) A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die  2013
 2) 'Til Dirt Do Us Part  2014
 3) Farmed and Dangerous  2015
 4) Murder Most Fowl  2016
 5) Much Ado about Murder  2017
 'Quaker Midwife Mystery' Novels
 1) Delivering the Truth  2016
 2) Called to Justice  2017
 3) Turning the Tide  2018
 4) Charity's Burden  2019
 5) Judge Thee Not  2019
 6) Taken Too Soon  2020
 7) A Changing Light  2021
 8) A Questionable Death and Other Historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries (short stories)  2023
 Other Novels
 1) Yatsuhashi for Lance (e-story)  2013
 2) Reduction in Force (e-story)  2013
 3) A Fire in Carriagetown (e-story)  2014
 4) Just Desserts for Johnny (e-story)  2014
 5) An Idea for Murder (e-story)  2014
 6) The Importance of Blood (e-story)  2014
 7) Christmas Cocoa Murder (as 'Maddie Day' with Alex Erickson and Carlene O'Connor)  2019
 8) Christmas Cocoa and a Corpse (as 'Maddie Day', e-novella; first appeared in Christmas Cocoa Murder [2019])  2022
 9) Christmas Scarf Murder (as 'Maddie Day' with Peggy Ehrhart and Carlene O'Connor)  2022
10) Christmas Mittens Murder (as 'Maddie Day' with Lynn Cahoon and Lee Hollis)  2023